Dearest readers,

We are delighted to present Emerald Glow Magazine, first imagined during the Summer of 2016. Emerald Glow Magazine was founded in northwestern Connecticut, where the beauty of nature intersects with the splendor of a life well lived. We invite you to join us on our exciting journey.

as always,

xx the Emerald Glow staff

Mission Statement

Emerald Glow Magazine is a quarterly lifestyle publication exploring themes found in living and culture. Emerald Glow Magazine consciously creates content relating to style & wellness, architecture & design, art & sounds, and literature & film.

The Emerald Glow reader is clever, stylish, visionary, and adventurous. Open-minded and sophisticated, they are a lifelong learner who endeavors to orchestrate a bright, passionate life. Armed with a vivid imagination, the Emerald Glow reader pursues their goals with determined effort and a hint of idealistic charm.

We strive to match the intellectual curiosity and appreciation for classic elegance raised by our readers.

Welcome to the world of Emerald Glow Magazine.

Emerald Glow Magazine Staff

Sarah Dewar, Founder & Publisher

Sarah is a recent mechanical engineering college graduate, who splits her time between Colorado and Connecticut. She has a insatiable passion for literature, style, and design. She founded Emerald Glow Magazine as a platform to share her interests, creating a community of readers who share her appreciation for the vivacity of life.

Emerald Glow is very dear to me — the name ‘emerald’ for my birthstone month of May, and ‘glow’ for the splendor and brilliance I find in observing the world around me. 

I constantly give my best effort to publish high quality, intriguing content. I hope that you discover as much pleasure in viewing my work, as I feel creating it.