Inside the Magazine: Spring 2017

We are delighted to introduce Emerald Glow Magazine. Our digital Spring Issue No. 01, is the first creative publication entirely designed, written, photographed and edited by our founder. “Beginning” contains three feature-length stories and two articles. This is a full page, 35 page, full-color issue.

Dear readers,

After months of thoughtful consideration, planning, and editing — I am elated to present the finished product — this inaugural digital issue of Emerald Glow Magazine. My childhood dream was to be an editor, a profession I then understood to involve reading wonderful novels in leather chairs. As I grew older, literature, art, and design became an indulgence I pursued as elective courses and in my free time.

Since finishing my degree in engineering this past year, I started Emerald Glow to fill the growing void I felt when my courses in the humanities were merely marks on my transcript. In our modern world of digital media, we are permitted, if not encouraged, to share our likes, talents, and dreams. This is my contribution. I have great pride in the completion of this Spring Issue.

The emerald gemstone is a symbol of rebirth and insight. As we enter Spring, the season of beginning, let this be the start of a promising future.


Sarah Dewa